Digitalize the way you order food with KinRe.

ordering food is easier with kinre than before, locate and choose your favorite restaurant experience the multiple moods of the ordering system.

Digital Menu makes your life much easier

Try some new item for this time. Communicate directly with restaurants for any dine orders using kinre. Make payments using gateway provided, No more waiting in a queue at the billing section to place order or for a waiter. Pre-order on the go.


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Locate And Select - choose your restaurant from the list

Visit and give access to location and get nearby outlets list, choose one of the outlet to place order. Our smart web application helps you to place orders directly to kitchen without manual intervention.

At QSR - No more standing at billing section to place order

Place an order using your phone from the table instead of standing at the billing section in a queue for every order you pay.


Use Me At FOOD COURT - say no to crowd fighting

Place order to your nearby food courts on list and show your token number on screen and get your food.

KinRe At Cafeteria - order on the way and pay online

Place an order using your phone on the way to your cafeteria, just show your order screen to confirm order.


At Fine Dine - No more waiting for waiter

Place order using digital waiter from the table directly to the kitchen instead of waiting for a waiter.

Upload menu and start accepting orders.

Upload menu