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25 june 2019

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We are a mix of passionate young entrepreneurs and software developers aspiring to bring some value by fulfilling the industry needs. Our group has formed early of our graduation days. We strongly believe we can make tomorrow's world a better a place to live. Our team is inspired and enthusiastic to break the barriers of our generation.

What is astonishment? When your customer doesn’t need the presence of a servant or a cashier or when your people are busy with the Sunday evening crowd, you don't need to worry anymore. With KinRe all your customers can order food on the fly and you can be as cool as it's a Monday morning. KinRe is a simple application that can do wonders for your restaurant or cafe with a simple one time sign up.

Still wondering what is KinRe?

Remember..! KinRe means people's restaurant. Your customers never have to wait for anybody to order what they need. KinRe makes the customer happy by letting them order in their smartphone. Wait, KinRe also handles payments, manual ordering and billing.

When the customer opens the URL kinre.in in his browser or can download application for regular use. Now, KinRe try connecting to wifi provided by restaurant. When mobile is connected to the wifi will be loading the menu. This is a standard and very secure procedure.

The Digital Menu is the lucrativeness of digital era.

Now customer can place the order with no help of waiter, After placing order, the order will move to the kitchen. In the kitchen a screen is displayed showing the information about the items to be prepared.

After the order is prepared, it will leave the kitchen and will be served.

At the end, the billing will be completed.

Payments: When the customer places an order through their smartphone, two options are provided.

Pay with cash
Online payment

All the online payments are handled through payment gateway . So, you never have to worry.

Manual Ordering: This is a feature when customer places order through any other way. You can still keep track of the orders effectively with the manual ordering feature available with the KinRe.

Billing: KinRe is highly focused to solve your redundant billing problems. With the billing feature available right out of the box you can always focus on the things important for you.

Well, that's not the end of KinRe. In addition to all these amazing features, you can make your restaurant a digital paradise. Say goodbye to paper..!

Hey..! We have something that will excite you and the customers as well. The advanced table booking feature will enable the customer of a particular restaurant to pre-order the items for his visit to the restaurant. This way you can let you customer know the availability and can provide elegant comfort.

On-premise support: Worried about not having full control after shifting from your legacy methods of handling the restaurant to KinRe? It’s never going to be a problem. We will provide much loved on-premise support. Our representative will be available during the working hours of the restaurant to get you up to the speed.

Dashboard: This is the bestowed integrated feature that lets you manage everything from Order processing, Billing to understanding your business at the end of the day. Analytics: Overcome the lacklusterness of guessing outcomes out of thin air. The analytics feature will do the guessing for you. Our unique statistical algorithms paired with the power of machine learning will give you clear picture about how your Saturday evening going to be.

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